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Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in Car | 0 comments

How To Get Money For Your Old Car

Getting rid of your car is part and parcel of life. As much as we would love to keep our beloved cars until the very end, the chances are they can only last as long as their engines allow them too. As much money as you can throw at your old used car, you won’t get it all back when the time comes to get rid of it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some decent cash for it.

After speaking to the expert car wrecking company in Geelong in Geelong Cash For Cars, we have come up with three vital ways in which you can get the best money back for your old, used car. Keep reading if you want to find out!

Sell The Important Bits 

Regardless of how old your car is, there are also parts of it that are extremely useful. Many scrap metal dealers and cash for companies will love them. But so too will regular car enthusiasts and car people. The trick here is to look through your car and find the best parts (the ones in best condition) and sell them yourself. Take them apart and throw them online. You will get hundreds of offers coming in, and that is only going to prove useful. You can make money back by only selling the essential parts.

Sell lt To Cash For Car Company

One of the best ways to get cash for old cars in Melbourne is to contact a cash for car company. They will pay you in cold hard cash and make sure you get a great deal from it. The process is super simple: you contact them and explain to them the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle. They assess it and provide you with a fair and honest price. If you are happy with it, they will come and collect it for free! No charges for pick-ups and removals. This is probably the most simple and easiest way to get rid of your car.

Scrap It For Metal 

Your car is made of metal – so why not just sell off the metal? One of the most reuseable materials on the market, you can make plenty of money by selling the metal of your car, or the whole car itself. Metal scrappers will happily take the car off you, pay you for it and leave you alone while they deal with all the scraping and metal removal. A super easy way in which you can get all your money back in one go.

We hope that these methods help you when it comes to selling your car and getting the best money for it. Your aim should be about getting the best bang for your buck – and we can help you do that by recommending Geelong Cash For Cars. They offer the best service in the Geelong and Victoria region. Contact them today if you want cash for your old car!